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Download the JMC pacing & cut off chart here
Download the HMC pacing & cut off chart here
Download the MMC pacing & cut off chart here

Why do you have cut off times?

Cut off times are a necessary evil unfortunately, that ultimately are imposed to protect the integrity of the safety plan for ALL participants.   Cut off times are generous and in keeping with being as inclusive as possible of all abilities - but there has to be a limit set, over which time will only exacerbate the risk.  The MCS events have an extensive safety team in place that is carefully designed to be able to reach any participant in trouble well within the 'Golden Hour' of response time, - despite the challenging mountainous terrain.  Teams deployed to the furthest parts of the course often have in excess of 3 hours to hike into position, and likewise to get out.  Add this this the time they are in position monitoring the event and you start to appreciate that there has to be a reasonable expectation for individuals to complete the challenge so that we can get all the team members out in a reasonable time and in safely.  The race sweeper(s) are a vital touch point for race management as the eyes and ears at the tail of the participants.  If for example a sweeper is stuck with someone who is not running doing lets say 3km/hr, with the closest 'runner' within cut off running at 5km/hr - over 10km, the sweeper is suddenly going to find him/herself 1hr20min behind the next runner and well outside of the 'Golden Hour'.  Put this over a 38km route and your time differential between your last walker and runner is over 5 hours!  This means that for JMC for example, the safety team is out for over 5 hours longer than is reasonable.  Please be mindful of this if and when a cut-off is ever applied to you applied. Rather train harder and return for another crack!

What happens when I am cut off?

Runners who do not make the check point cut-off will be redirected off the mountain at that particular point.  Any runner refusing to be redirected and who continues on course does so at their own risk and is no longer deemed an entrant. All event support services will from this point on no longer be available to these runners. Any runner not making cut-off will be listed as DNF and does not receive a medal or finishers prize (where applicable).