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Wilderness courtesy

  • Be polite to other trail users, and when passing please do not push other runners.
  • If you wear earphones please set the volume to a level that you can still hear an approaching runner or critical safety instructions like "SNAKE!".
  • Stick to existing trails and do not take shortcuts.
  • Please leave only footprints and do not leave any litter.
  • There will be toilets at the start/finish only. If you need to go whilst out on the route, please do it 10 meters away from the path, dig a 15cm hole and bury your waste.
  • No pets please of any kind - these are nature reserves and forestry areas.
  • No fauna or flora may be removed from the venues. 
  • If you're travelling to the race from a different region, please wash your shoes before the race.
  • No smoking is allowed on route, at the checkpoints or at the start/finish area.