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About the Mountain Challenge Series


As you would have gathered by now, the Mountain Challenge Series is a grouping of classic, big mountain races in the Western Cape, offering race distances from 7.8km up to 55km.  There is no point scoring competition spanning all events in the MCS, but there is a special awards and recognition for collectively finishing a race in every event  - you can see these Mountain Challenge Series Finisher Categories & awards by clicking here.  These will be awarded at the presentation dinner at the final race in the MCS.

Race specific info


Below is event specific info for each of the MCS events.  If specific content is not available right now across all events, then it's still work in progress.  If there is something specific you are after and it's not here, please reach out to the Wildrunner team and we will do our best to assist. 

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With 16 years of specialist trail & mountain running event management experience, and over 350 successful events hosted in this time, from short day races to multiday races in as far flung parts of Africa as Rwanda, you are in good hands.

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