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Helderberg and Mountain Challenge Series 2020 Update

By now, you will have concluded that the Helderberg Mountain Challenge won't be happening this weekend (13 June).  The Helderberg Nature Reserve remains locked down in level 3.
So, what does that mean in terms of your entry and the Mountain Challenge Series?
Well, firstly let's talk HMC.  We have discussed with the Helderberg Nature Reserve on the principle of opening the HMC as a virtual race.  The proposal going forward is to open a virtual race window, starting on 01 July and closing on 30 August.  We will supply you with a set of race course notes, the course GPX file, and we will detail the (free) apps you can use to track (and follow) your race.  Once you have completed your race, you will email us the GPX file, with which we will verify your route and race time. As soon as we have all the details ironed out with the reserve management, we will communicate accordingly.
In terms of the overall Mountain Challenge Series:  We remain confident that JMC and MMC will go ahead as planned (with the revised dates).  Naturally, there is a chance they will not happen, but we will roll with the punches as they come.  It may well be that we roll both HMC and JMC as virtual races, but only time will tell.
We will keep in touch as we roll blindly along this COVID-19 path.  In the meantime we hope you stay healthy and safe out there.