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JMC 2020 overview & update (25 Sep)

JMCBy now you will know that JMC is the only remaining event on the calendar in the Bos Sport Mountain Challenge Series, and has settled finally on the weekend of the 7 & 8th November.  Same venue, same routes originally planned - namely 38km, 21.5km and 12km. 

Why the whole weekend? 

Well current COVID-19 Alert Level 1 restrictions limit the total number of participants in an outdoor sporting event to 500.  JMC has historically had over a 1200 entries a year, so to accomote this number we have split the distances up to run on separate days.  This separation is provisionally set as follows:

Distance SAT 7th SUN 8th


How will the registration, kit check and batching work?

First and foremost we will be taking no on the day entry.  Every participant will be allocated a start batch and a associated start time (Elites will start together).  You will need to arrive, process through kit check (38km only) and be ready for your allocated start time.  Batches will be small and regular to keep the flow going and in accordance with the current gazetted regulations.  The following time bands will be when the relevant distance batch starts will be started (this time will be broken down into specific times per batch):

Distance SAT 7th SUN 8th
38km 6-8am
21.5km 6-9am
12km 8:30-10:30am 9:30-11:30am

What else should you be aware of? 

  • There can be no spectators unfortunately, only participants will be allowed into the venue. Sorry no pets either.
  • You will need to complete a COVID-19 screening within 48hrs of your start.  This will be sent to you as a Google Form to complete.  
  • We will record your body temperature on arrival.  Anyone failing the published maximum will not be allowed into the venue.
  • You will need to wear a mask covering your face and nose UNTIL you have started, then you may remove it until finishing your race.  
  • There will be one aid station on the 38km and 21.5km which will be self-service.  You will need your own cup/bottle.  
  • There will be a finish line drink (sealed) given on completion, and a table supplied with self dispensing water tanks.  Again you need your own cup.
  • The 21.5km will no longer require a kit check prior to the start.

Are entries open?

Yes they are, click here to enter