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JMC 2021 - what you need to know

UPDATE 8 April 2021: JMC 2021 Postponed indefinately 
Due to the severe fire damage, JMC 2021 has been indefinately postponed until further notice.  

Back to it's original date

10 years of blood sweat and tears have been shed in the mountains and valleys of Jonkershoek during the month of May. Yup, despite the monsoon Corona blip of 2020, the plan is to reconvene on this epic battle ground on Sat 22nd May.

Certain of uncertainty

The challenge is of course is that we have absolutely no idea if it's going to be allowed under whatever COVID regulations are being applied at the time, so what to do?
Well the thing is we need to plan, and you need to train. We need your financial commitment to make this race happen, but you are rightly hesitant to enter anything for fear of another 12 month lay-by on your financial commitment. Similarly we really don't like holding on to ghost money...

So here is what we are going to do: We are going to open entries on Monday 1st March and the fee upon entry will be ZERO. Yes, nothing. Why? Well we can't guarantee that it will happen and whilst we could do with your money to help stay afloat, it's really a false economy.  

Put your name down today

So if your trail racing dreams of 2021 include racing in the shadows of the truly magnificent alpine spires of Jonkershoek during May then log your commitment by registering using the following link: Click on this link to register your name for JMC 2021.

Thereafter, and only once we know with some certainty that the race is on, we will prod you for bucks to secure your spot.